Life Center Clinic

               Officially opening its doors to both male and female patients on August 14th 2009, the Life Center Clinic is a family practice and midwifery clinic located at 112 East 6th Street in Larned, Kansas.

               Emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention, the clinic is designed with a “home-like” atmosphere that is comforting to the acutely ill and less stressful to patients of all ages.  Services available include but are not limited to: care for acute illness, well-child exams, well-woman exams, family planning care, pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, post-partum care, newborn care, preventative care, and more.  
               At Life Center Clinic we take pride in good working relations with our local health care partners.  Through collaboration, we are able to offer exceptional and total care to our patients keeping them here at home.  Life Center Clinic continues to accept new patients.  

                           Business hours are Monday – Thursday 9:30 to5:00 and Friday 9:00-Noon.           

                                        Call (620) 804-2691 to schedule your appointment.    

Fax: 620-285-8996